Cristian Rabiti

Dr. Rabiti is USNC’s Vice President of Business Development for the U.S. region. He is     currently focused on developing the US market and framing the MMR technology in the context of the integrated energy systems. He is also engaged in the modeling and simulation activities for the licensing of Micro Modular Reactors. Prior to joining USNC, Dr. Rabiti worked at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) where he led the development and application of tools for the technoeconomic analysis of integrated energy systems. He explored how nuclear energy could be used to achieve a decarbonized and affordable US energy system. Additionally, at INL, he was involved in software tool development for nuclear reactor core simulations. At Argonne National Laboratory, he was a neutrontransport software developer at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Rabiti has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in Germany, and an Executive MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.