North America's First Gen IV Demonstrators


Reduced Power Costs

The MMR® reactor saves up to 50% of heat and electricity costs in some markets and eliminates 100% of carbon emissions.

Security of Supply

The MMR® reactor requires no refueling for its lifetime of 20 years. This ensures security at the site as the reactor is sealed, and simplifies operations, while reducing the costs associated with the diesel fuel supply typically used to power remote sites.


The MMR® reactor uses safe FCM® fuel, in a safety-focused design.

Environmental Protection

The MMR® plant provides clean power and eliminates environmental risk. When the plant life is over, the nuclear fuel module will be removed and stored in a commissioned nuclear waste facility. A new module can be provided, or the site can be returned to greenfield.

Mass Produced, Widely Exportable Hardware

The MMR® plant's small size and radical simplicity allow for factory manufacturing of all but the concrete foundations. Modules will be exported to licensed sites around the globe.

Low Project Development Cost

The MMR® plant has order of magnitude lower development costs compared to other SMRs and 4th generation reactor concepts.

Long-term Predictability and Stability of Power Costs

The cost of electricity and process heat are fixed for the lifetime of the plant. MMR® plant costs and adjacent plant costs determine the the price of the electricity and heat. The predictability of energy costs allows for more accurate mine feasibility analysis and reduces the risk profile for investors.

MMR - Illinois Project

University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign

MMR - Chalk River Project

Chalk River ON, CA



Ultra Safe Nuclear has been developing the MMR and its FCM fuel since 2011. The MMR is the leading small modular reactor design in the Canadian licensing and siting pipeline.


Secured FCM® Fuel and MMR® Reactor Patents


Established R&D and Fabrication Laboratories


Initiated FCM® Fuel Qualification Plan


Completed Concept Design

Received Innovate UK SBRI Advanced Modular Nuclear Reactor Grant

Began Basic Design


Began Reactor Licensing Vendor Design Review II

Submitted License to Prepare Site for a Small Modular Reactor at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' (CNL) Chalk River Site


Start of NRC Engagement