Transportable Reactor Platform

10-ton Class Micro Reactor

Configurable for Earth and Space

Pylon builds on the expertise of Ultra Safe's MMR and FCM Fuel technologies. The Pylon architecture is a commercially viable fission power system designed for safely generating electrical and thermal power anywhere. Compared to MMR, Pylon is a lower mass system that is more easily transportable to off-grid locations and space.

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Humanitarian and Remote Applications

A Pylon core can be packaged for Earth use. Transportable by road, rail, sea, and air, a single PYLON system can provide 1.5MWe-5MWe for three years, and additional systems can be interconnected to scale the amount of power produced as-needed. The baseline Earth-based system comprises two modules: the Nuclear Heat Supply System (NHSS) module and the Balance of Plant (BOP), each individually fitting within a standard 20 ft. CONEX container.

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Industrial and Propulsion Applications

Pylon is expected to be the backbone of any permanent off-planet presence for industrial or human activities. It can provide on-demand electricity or heat for off-planet bases, satellites, and electric propulsion engines. It can reliably power resource extraction and processing facilities or space-based factories and farms for decades without refueling. Electric propulsion systems offer extremely high isp and can be used for efficient cargo transport and deep space missions. It can operate anywhere in the solar system and is designed in a lander-friendly form factor, scalable from 10kWe to 3MWe.

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