Steven Cuevas, VP of Legal Affairs & General Counsel, Joins Board of U.S. Nuclear Industry Council

Steven Cuevas, VP of Legal Affairs & General Counsel, Joins Board of U.S. Nuclear Industry Council

SEATTLE – Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) announces that Steven Cuevas, VP of legal affairs and general counsel at Ultra Safe Nuclear, has been elected to the board of the United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC). Cuevas joins other nuclear industries leaders to increase supply chain opportunities for advanced nuclear technologies in the U.S. and worldwide. Cuevas is one of three new appointments to the USNIC board.

As a board member, Cuevas joins industry peers in efforts to advocate for initiatives that expand opportunities across the sector. These initiatives include promoting responsible policies that enable the deployment of a variety of advanced nuclear technologies, including the Micro Modular Reactor (MMR®) and Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated (FCM®) fuel under development by USNC.

“The USNIC plays a vital role in advocating for the needs of the nuclear supply chain and I am honored to join its board,” said Cuevas. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to help guide USNIC as it advances the interests of the industry.”

USNIC is the leading U.S. business-consortium advocate for nuclear energy and promotion of the American supply chain globally. Composed of more than 80 members, USNIC represents the “Who’s Who” of the nuclear supply chain community, including key utility movers, technology developers, construction engineers, manufacturers, and service providers. USNIC encompasses eight working groups and select task forces.

“The USNIC board and its members significantly benefit by the addition of thoughtful, experienced business leaders, and Steve absolutely checks all of those boxes,” said Bud Albright, President and CEO, United States Nuclear Industry Council. “Steve has been working in the nuclear industry for a long time, giving him a valuable perspective that will advance our organization’s goals.”

“The role of the USNIC remains essential, supporting both member organizations and the carbon-free energy needs of the U.S. and other countries,” said Francesco Venneri, CEO of Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation. “With the continued efforts of the USNIC, we’re confident Ultra Safe Nuclear will meet its goal to deliver reliable energy, anywhere.”

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