USNC Italy

USNC Italy is based in Milan and is pursuing market development, reactor licensing, and reactor manufacturing in Italy.

USNC Tech Division

USNC-Tech is headquartered in this high-security office building, where engineers work on the Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) and Embercore projects. This office space maintains ITAR compliance and is also home to USNC's Business Development team.

USNC Legal Office

This office space allows USNC's General Counsel to work closely with nuclear legislators to ensure USNC's continued compliance with local and federal regulations.

USNC Finance Office

This is the main office to USNC's headquarters in Seattle. USNC has it's Finance, HR, and Operations teams located in this office, supporting the work done by other locations around the world.

USNC Pilot Fuel Manufacturing Facility

The Pilot Fuel Manufacturing Facility has been purpose-built to process uranium powder into TRISO fuel for terrestrial and space-based nuclear power systems. This facility celebrated its grand opening in August 2022.

USNC Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

At the Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing lab, USNC conducts important ceramics research utilizing state-of-the-art furnaces, presses, and characterization equipment. Research conducted here serves to advance and improve nuclear fuel manufacture at USNC and elsewhere.