Reactor Control

Reactor Dynamics Changing Power Level To change the power level we need the ability to change the core conditions to our liking, making it critical,

Decay Heat & Power Density

History has shown the main cause of nuclear accidents is the inability to remove heat from the fuel after the nuclear chain reactions have been

Power & Biology

In the biological realm, there are various empirical relations associating an organism’s dimensional parameters and other characteristics. The general form is shown below. For

Power Rating, Density, & Surface Area

Power and Size – General Considerations and Metrics A nuclear reactor can be operated at any desired power provided that the heat can be carried out


Hazards and Mitigating Design Choices A nuclear reactor contains many hazards that can ultimately lead to a Fission Product (FP) release including decay heat, excess

Nuclear Fuels

The conventional UO2/Zircaloy fuel and TRISO based fuels are introduced below on the basis of how they address or exacerbate the hazards present in