Water The role of coolant is to transfer heat from the nuclear core to the thermal application, be it steam generation for an electrical turbine or direct process heat. The main considerations in choosing the coolant have historically been heat transfer effectiveness, neutronic moderation for thermal reactors, and availability. In

Reactor Control

Reactor Dynamics Changing Power Level To change the power level we need the ability to change the core conditions to our liking, making it critical,

Building a Reactor

A nuclear reactor is just a system that can get heavy elements to break apart in an efficient manner. The reactor itself, the nuclear core,

Decay Heat & Power Density

History has shown the main cause of nuclear accidents is the inability to remove heat from the fuel after the nuclear chain reactions have been

Power & Biology

In the biological realm, there are various empirical relations associating an organism’s dimensional parameters and other characteristics. The general form is shown below. For

Power Rating, Density, & Surface Area

Power and Size – General Considerations and Metrics A nuclear reactor can be operated at any desired power provided that the heat can be carried out