USNC’s MMR™ system completes first phase Vendor Design Review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) confirmed the successful completion of the Phase 1 Vendor Design Review by USNC for the MMR™ system.

The MMR™ reactor is a 15-thermal-megawatt micro modular reactor, with a net electrical output of approximately 5 megawatts. The MMR™ reactor concept draws on operational experience from the high-temperature gas-cooled reactors developed by the U.S., Germany, China, and Japan.

The MMR™ plant is aimed at providing low-cost, reliable, safe nuclear power to remote communities and mines in northern Canada.

“Completion of the initial phase of the VDR provides USNC with confidence that the concept and approach to the MMR™ plant will be acceptable to the CNSC. “ – Mark Mitchell – VP for Micro Reactors

USNC confirms their intent to continue with the second phase Vendor Design Review.