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EmberCore is a nuclear chargeable ceramic (NCC) that produces heat and x-rays without the need for externally applied power. An EmberCore is composed of individual “embers” made from a family of commercially available, inert isotopes charged with neutrons in a nuclear reactor.

By customizing the isotope selection and charging process, customers receive a heat and/or x-ray source matched to their mission duration, power level, and radiation tolerance. EmberCore does all of this while providing a vastly simplified regulatory path compared to conventional plutonium- or strontium-based alternatives.

EmberCore Package
Multiple Embers


The EmberCore architecture scales by combining individual embers to generate enough thermal power to meet mission requirements, from milliwatt-scale to kilowatt-scale.


EmberCore units are packaged inside a radiation-absorbing shield, keeping people and electronics safe from harm while simplifying the integration process.


EmberCore’s shield can be customized to provide high intensity x-ray sources for scientific and engineering applications without the need for externally applied power.


EmberCore can be paired with power conversion systems to act as a long duration battery for missions needing long duration operation far from any other energy sources.

When combined with electric propulsion technology, EmberCore-powered batteries can enable speeds of up to twenty times that of chemical rockets.

EmberCore Package


Ultra Safe Nuclear Selected to Develop High Delta-V Nuclear Small Spacecraft Prototype

Ultra Safe Nuclear will develop a concept for radioisotope-powered spacecraft with greater than 10 km/s of delta-V, many times greater than today’s small spacecraft propulsion systems.

USNC-Tech Reaches Agreement With Reed College to Irradiate Material for Commercial Radioisotope Heater

USNC-Tech and Reed College of Portland, Ore. have reached an agreement to irradiate material for the company’s first-of-its-kind commercial radioisotope heater.